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The Second Year of the One Square Foot Project

WWF with Airwick® Restores the Ecosystem of the Northern Great Plains


Washington, D.C.: Last week the World Wildlife Fund began its second year of a three-year partnership with Airwick® that will be running until June 1st. The One Square Project is an initiative to restore the ecosystem of the Northern Great Plains by reseeding the natural wildlife and grassland habitat there. They were able to reseed nearly 51 million square feet in the first year. This year there is an added feature known as a “Super Bloom,” which is when millions of wildflowers bloom simultaneously.


Heather and Bart Bilden, who have a ranch in Montana, are working to restore cropland to the grassland and forb species with the support from WWF. This is what Heather had to say when asked about the project, “We are very grateful and honored to be able to restore the grasslands by seeding a variety of native plans back into the Earth. These seeds and the soil are our investment in the future.”


WWF and Airwick® hope to accomplish this years Super Bloom by planting one square foot of wildflowers for every social media post tagged #SquareFootSuperBloom alongside the reseeding already being done. These posts can be a photo, video, or even an illustration, the only requirement is that the post is of a wildflower. Social media networks included are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


About World Wildlife Fund: WWF is an international organization founded in 1961. They work to reduce the human impact on the environment as well as preserve the wilderness. Having over 5 million supporters worldwide, in more than 100 countries, the WWF has invested in around 12,000 conservation initiatives since 1995.

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