Extra Credit Opportunities

In an effort to expose students to the services offered by the student support offices across BMCC, extra points may be earned by participating in these free educational and career-oriented opportunities.

Please note: although several opportunities exist for extra credit, the maximum number of extra points possible is 10 points for any one student. Extra points will be awarded at the professor’s discretion, and will be added to the total points earned out of 100, not to the overall percentage. (Students can not earn more than 100 points, even with extra points earned here.) Students can complete the requirements of any combination of the following options at any time during the semester, although all extra credit work must be emailed to Professor Buckler (bbuckler@bmcc.cuny.edu) by Friday, March 25th, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.

Each activity may only count toward the total possible extra point maximum once – for example, if a student attends a BMCC career workshop and creates a co-curricular transcript, they are eligible to earn up to 4 extra points so long as the associated assignment(s) are complete and submitted prior to the due date above. Even if a student attends multiple BMCC career workshops and submits multiple assignments, they will only be eligible to receive a maximum of 2 points for that category.