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Shade Perez Week 1: Prompt 2

An animated tv show that I honestly grew up on and was my all time favorite is Spongebob Squarepants. It was based on a book by Stephen Hillenburg who was a marine biologist and wanted to educated children about life under water. It was mainly the characters and the relationships they had amongst each other. Spongebob Squarepants was created as 2D animation and released in 1999 and ever since then has expanded from just an tv show to a movie , toys and clothing merchandise as well.

Journal Entry Week 1

My name is Shadé often pronounced as “Shade” but properly is “Sha-day.” I picked this course because I was interested in the history of animation and the breakdown of how it’s created. I’m interested in learning more about how animation is used in politics and how it was so impactful on our history. My major is Psychology and I later on want to get into social work , as well as owning my own cleaning company. Fun fact about me this is I love all different genres of music, i love to try new cooking recipes and I enjoy learning new things in general.