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Happy Midterm Time!

Hi Everyone, and so great to see many of you on Flip!

Midterm week officially begins today! Good luck! (And since it’s a holiday I’m keeping the exam open for 1 extra day, until Tuesday, October 17th).

There is a …

Feedback on week 5

How is your week going?

I’ll start with comments on last week’s post. It’s exciting that, on the OpenLab, you can browse through the list of “authors,” and that you are one of them (as long as you posted your …

Welcome to week 5

Dear All,

In Week 5, we are beginning to prepare for the argumentative essay assignment. It’s all about opposing viewpoints, analyzing arguments, and developing your own opinion on a given topic. Please review the reading on arguments, and take notes …

Feedback on week 3

Dear CRT Students: I enjoyed reading through your personal examples of bias in question 10 of week 3s quiz. We all have biases and experience the biases of others–the challenge, now that we discussed them in more detail, is: how …

Feedback on week 2

Hi Everyone,

The posts about Beyonce’s song “Formation” were absolutely impressive, very dynamic and fun to read. Many of you went above and beyond the assignment requirements. You noted that the song is about feminism, African American female empowerment and pride, …