Essence Edmonds Convo 8

In “Moonlight,” a significant moral dilemma arises when Chiron, the protagonist, grapples with his sexuality and experiences bullying and discrimination for being different. One key moment involves Chiron’s relationship with his childhood friend, Kevin, and the societal pressure to conform to traditional notions of masculinity.
Moral Dilemma: Chiron’s struggle with his identity, societal expectations, and his relationship with Kevin.
Possible Outcomes via the 7 Moral Positions:

  1. I would follow my conscience: A person following their conscience might encourage Chiron to embrace his true self, even if it means defying societal expectations and facing challenges.
  2. I don’t know what I would do: This position reflects uncertainty. One might be unsure how they would respond, given the complexities of Chiron’s situation and societal pressures.
  3. I would do whatever would improve my own situation: This stance may lead someone to advise Chiron to conform to societal expectations to avoid trouble, potentially sacrificing personal authenticity for safety.
  4. I Would Do What God or the Scriptures Say Is Right: For someone following religious principles, this might involve encouraging Chiron to adhere to religious teachings regarding sexuality and relationships.
  5. I Would Do Whatever Made Me Happy: This position could lead to supporting Chiron in pursuing his true identity and happiness, regardless of societal expectations.
  6. I would follow the advice of an authority figure: A person who values authority might advise Chiron based on the guidance of a respected figure, such as a mentor or parent.
  7. I would do what’s best for everyone: This approach would consider the well-being of all involved. It might involve supporting Chiron’s authentic self while addressing societal prejudices and promoting understanding.

Personally, I would align with the position of following my conscience and doing what’s best for everyone. I would support Chiron in embracing his true identity, understanding that this may involve challenging societal norms. This decision is based on the moral values of authenticity, individual rights, and a commitment to promoting a more inclusive and understanding society.
This decision aligns with a combination of following one’s conscience (personal integrity and authenticity) and doing what’s best for everyone (a commitment to inclusivity and challenging discriminatory norms). The moral principle at play involves respecting individual autonomy and advocating for a more just and accepting society.
Analyzing this scenario and my preferred decision reveals that my moral compass is guided by a commitment to authenticity, individual rights, and the promotion of a more inclusive and understanding society. It suggests a willingness to challenge societal norms when they conflict with fundamental principles of equality and individual freedom.

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