Week 8: Evaluating and Constructing Arguments


Activity 1: Argument essay assignment

What issues do you care about?

We are beginning to work on the argument essay. Please review the guidelines (4 pages, use the arrows on the bottom of the file to navigate to the next page) and let me know if you have any questions.


Activity 2: What does the work “research” mean?

What does successful research look like? What are reliable sources? How can we distinguish them from the unreliable ones?

I ask that you access two databases via the BMCC library. Please watch a few brief videos for more information: Introduction to BMCC library databases + CQ Researcher & Opposing Viewpoints Access from Home/ outside of BMCC & help + Evaluating Information.

Using the BMCC database, find at least 2 of the 3 sources you use in the final essay. You can find all your sources here too.

research guidelines

Activity 3: Take quiz 5 on Blackboard.

For this quiz, I ask that you explore the two databases, Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher.

Activity 4: Check out the advocacy toolkit.

Who will you try to convince to think or to do something?


Activity 5: Check out the essay topics.

Select one of them. Please note that you need to be logged into the database to view the topics.

Activity 6: Submit Summary and Response assignment on Blackboard.

Summary and Response 250 words +

Once you conduct some research on your topic for the argumentative essay, select one article from CQ Researcher and do the following: 

  • provide a brief summary of the article, including the main idea and supporting details
  • respond to the article: why you selected it, what you learned, how you might use it

Activity 7: Deductive and Inductive arguments

Learn about Deductive and Inductive Arguments. Think about the structure of an argument as it applies to your summary and response assignment, as well as you begin formulating your own argument for the upcoming essay.

Activity 8: Review arguments

Review what you learned about deductive and inductive arguments by watching this YouTube video: