Welcome to CRT 100/ Critical Thinking. This is an asynchronous course, so there are no scheduled class meetings. While you are expected to complete coursework on your own, on a weekly basis, I, Professor Barnes, am also available to help you. The fastest way to get in touch with me is via email: ebarnes@bmcc.cuny.edu and/ or by visiting me during my let’s chat hours, in person or via Zoom. See you soon!

Is this your first time using the OpenLab for a course at BMCC? Or perhaps you already know this platform? I’ve been teaching on the OpenLab for a few years now, and I believe this platform provides you, the student, with much more power and authority than Blackboard. Whether you are new to the OpenLab or a pro, we’re in this together. This will be a journey filled with colorful discoveries. There might be some obstacles on the way, as there usually are in life, but I am certain that if we share what we know and are open to learn more, we will succeed. Are you ready? Let’s begin!