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Hi Everyone, and welcome to presentation week.

Please prepare, record and post your presentation on Flip, via audio and video, ideally by Friday night/ Dec 1, and then comment on at least 4 classmates’ presentations, via video, audio or

Essay Graded

Hi Everyone,

I have graded all the essays I received. I enjoyed reading them. You all became experts on your topics, and in turn I learned something too. You can see my comments in the essays and in the grade/ …

Feedback on peer review

Hi Everyone,

I’ve looked at your drafts and peer reviews. It looks like nearly everyone who submitted their draft received feedback, often from multiple people, which is great. Answering the 10 peer review questions for each draft allowed you to …

Week 11

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Week 11: Breathe and Revise. At this point, you have, hopefully, provided and received feedback about your essay drafts–or are still working on that today and tonight. You have also conducted more research and submitted …