Week 2: Language



Activity 1: What is language?

What is language and how do you use it? Review this PowerPoint presentation about the different functions of languages: Module 2-Language. Click anywhere on the PowerPoint slide–a bar will appear on the bottom of the slide with page numbers and arrows to see more slides. This one consists of 14.


Activity 2: Watch video #1

Video 1 – this is from Local 12, a news channel. What rhetorical devices does the speaker use? You can focus on the Mom or on the reporter.

Activity 3: Watch video #2

Video 2: this is from the Saturday Night Live. What rhetorical devices does SNL use here to depict the anti-vaccine individuals?

Activity 4: Take quiz 2 on Blackboard.

Take the quiz on Language. Go to Blackboard – Week 2.

Activity 5: Beyonce’s song Formation

Watch this video and listen to Beyonce’s song “Formation.” What is the song about?

Activity 6: Formation–zooming in

Listen to the song again and/ or review the lyrics. What more do you notice about the song? How would you describe the language in the song? Is there a message that Beyonce wants to convey?

Activity 7: Read

Read the New Yorker article titled “The Provocateur Behind Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Issa Rae: How the director Melina Matsoukas helps female artists reinvent themselves” by Alexis Okeowo. You can skim through the parts that don’t directly address the Matsoukas/ Beyonce team work, but please do review the entire article as relevant information can be found in different parts of the piece. 

Activity 8: Conversation 2

writing hand
by Dawn Hudson, under Public    Domain license

Discuss the following questions: 1. What messages/ themes did Beyonce want to express through the song and video? 2. Are those messages/ themes similar to your initial reaction to the song and video? 3. How did Matsoukas help Beyonce convey those messages/ themes? 4. Find at least 2 examples of emotive language or rhetorical devices? What role  do they play in the song?  5. Why do you think the song and video became controversial?  Read your classmates comments and reply to at least 1.

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