Ruth Andrusier Conversation 8


One of the Moral dilemmas of Parasite deals with the Kim family lying to the Park family about who they are and what they are capable of. The first moral position is following your conscience. Given the treatment of the poor in the movie, the Kim family's conscience would drive them to continue with the scheme. The second is not knowing what to do. In this instance, the Kim family will continue to con the Park because it's working for them. The third moral position is to improve your situation. The outcome is, therefore, a continuation of the scheme. The fourth moral position is following the word of G-D. In this case, lying and greed are frowned upon. So, therefore, the Kim's would come clean. The fifth moral position is doing what makes you happy. Like the third instance, the Kims would continue lying. The sixth moral position is following the advice of an authority figure. Here, it depends on who the authority is. If it is someone who is also affected negatively by wealth disparity, they would side with the Kims. If it is someone impartial, they might have the Kims and Parks come to some sort of agreement. The seventh moral position is doing what's best for everyone. In this case, it would mean the Kims admitting the truth and coming to a compromise with the Parks.

I would personally choose to improve my own situation only on the belief I have that most people don't actually care about you and that you need to do what's best for you. Therefore, if I were in the Kim's position, I would continue lying to the Parks if it meant making ends meet for my own family. The principle that would inform my decision would be securing the welfare of my family.

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