Week 6: Problem-solving


Activity 1: How do you make decisions in your life?

Watch “How To Make Hard Choices,” a TEDTalk by Ruth Chang.

Activity 2: Solve a problem.

See this interactive video stories in action. In this example from the Open University, choose a character to help, then watch your decisions play out in a branching video story.

Activity 3: Growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

Have you heard of the growth mindset versus the fixed mindset theory? Which mindset do you have? Watch this 5-minute YouTube video to find out:

Activity 4: 5-step problem solving method

This is the problem-solving method we will learn and apply in this class. See the overview below. To learn more, go to Week 6 on Blackboard.

Five Steps Problem Solving

Activity 5: Humans of New York

Check out this personal story from Humans of New York. For Conversation 6, you can select this or another story from HNY or discuss your own problem.

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Activity 6: Conversation 6 will be different.

I know, you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “why can’t we just stick to the Open Lab and Blackboard?” We can, but isn’t it invigorating to branch out sometimes, especially in a critical thinking class? Flip, here we come again! This is the same site we used in Week 1 to introduce ourselves. So, instead of writing and reading each other’s posts, you will see, listen and reply to classmates, and they will see, listen and reply to you. Ready?

Go to Flip: here is the code for this topic.