Essay Graded

Hi Everyone,

I have graded all the essays I received. I enjoyed reading them. You all became experts on your topics, and in turn I learned something too. You can see my comments in the essays and in the grade/ comments section. If you have any questions, do reach out. 

Here are some general comments: some essays read like informative essays but lack the central argument connecting all the research together; all essays could use stronger, more specific thesis statements–something that can be proven in a 4-5 page essay. Sure, air pollution is harmful to the environment, but, realistically speaking, can you explore all aspects of the topic, and argue your point, in a few pages? This is such a complex issue. The same can be said about abortion and gun regulation. Again, very broad topics–so broad that books have been written about them. That’s why focusing on a more specific aspect of the issue will empower your argument.

If you are still working on your essay, please submit as soon as possible, and I will revise your grade happily. Also, if you’d like to revise what you have submitted, please do so by December 4th.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Best wishes,

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