Week 9: Logical Fallacies


Activity 1: What is a fallacy?

Look it up (you can start with typing the word “fallacy” into your search engine like Google). Suggested: write down the definition in your own words.

Activity 2: Explore fallacies.

Explore 24 common logical fallacies from The School of Thought, also attached here:


Activity 3: Play a fallacy game.

Play the Your Logical Fallacy Is game to review the fallacies.

Activity 4/ Conversation 7

writing hand

Go to Discussion Board Conversation to see which fallacies have already been claimed. Select a fallacy from the list (same as above) that hasn’t been taken yet. In your own words, define the fallacy and provide your own original example of the fallacy, followed by an explanation. The example can be an image, a cartoon, a video, text, or anything else that works.

Replies to classmates: comment on your classmates’ fallacies.

Activity 5: Essay outline and draft for Peer Review.

Here is what I suggest for your outline:


Intro: (hook, intro to topic, thesis statement)

Premise 1:

Supporting Evidence:

Premise 2:

Supporting Evidence:

Premise 3/ Opposing Viewpoint:

Supporting Evidence:

Conclusion: (paraphrase your thesis, and explain why this topic matters)

Please note that your essay can have more than 3 body paragraphs, and feel free to include more than 3 premises–either way, this will be a base for your draft.

Next, add some details to your outline–in other words, your outline is now turning into a draft.

Submit your outline + draft in Conversation/ Peer review.

Your outline + draft are due at the end of this week, beginning of week 10.

Your draft should include the following:

  • Your working thesis statement/ conclusion
  • At least 3 body paragraphs, each with a premise and supporting evidence, including one counterargument with your rebuttal