Brianna Barnes Conv 3

The story I chose was about former president Donald Trump’s recent claims that when he wins the 2024 presidential election he will investigate news outlets for treason. In his claims he singled out left leaning media outlets, MSNBC and NBC. The first article was from The Washington Times, a right leaning media source. In the article there was actually a neutral reporting of the story. It mentioned how he would investigate Comcast for “country threatening treason”, also noting that Trump calls any media that disagrees with him fake news. The next article was from Forbes, a neutral outlet. This article provided information about he fact that the post was made from Truth Social, Trump’s media company. He insisted in his post that NBC was making a contribution to democratic campaigns. The article also mentioned that this followed his recent statement suggesting that General Mark Milley should’ve been put to death for going against his orders. The last source was HuffPost, a left leaning new source. They had about the same coverage of the story as the other two articles except they used language such as calling his posts “Angry” as well as saying he “criticized” ABC News for not reporting on his poll numbers. There were more negative descriptive words used to explain the story and paint an negative image of Trump. The article continued into the importance of free speech in the media and examples of when there were attempts to silence it. Most of the bias I saw came from the left leaning sources in an effort to emphasize how dangerous his rhetoric is.

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