Dear CRT Students, it’s week 13 already…

and I hope you are doing well during this busy time in the semester. I am almost done with reading your essays, and will send general feedback soon.

Here is what’s happening in week 13:

And if you prefer to read it too:

Quick reminder: The authority and obedience quiz is due by tonight.

This week we are discussing our moral values. What are yours? Here are some questions to consider: 

Do we have a moral responsibility toward less fortunate people? Is it wrong to divulge a secret that someone has confided in you? Should we eat meat? Should we wear animal skins? Should we try to keep people alive at all costs, no matter what their physical or mental condition? Is it wrong to kill someone in self-defense? Should people be given equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, or gender? Is it wrong to ridicule someone, even if you believe it’s in good fun? Should you “bend the rules” to advance your career? Is it all right to manipulate people into doing what you want if you believe it’s for their own good? Is there anything wrong with pornography? Should we always try to take other people’s needs into consideration when we act, or should we first make sure that our own needs are taken care of? Should we experiment with animals to improve the quality of our lives?

After reviewing the content for this unit, you will watch a movie (there are 4 options on Kanopy, a BMCC database; you can watch the movie via other platforms but they are free on Kanopy and it’s always good to practice using a database, and a 5th option that used to be on Kanopy but is no longer available) and apply what you learned about moral positions to your analysis of the movie. This should be fun and informative!

Finally, looking ahead: Presentation week is Nov 27 – Dec 4th. Please review the presentation guidelines in week 14 and start recording!


Prof. Barnes 

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