Final Countdown!/ Presentations and comments due by tonight and it’s Reflection time.

Dear All,

I hope that you are finding creative ways to survive and shine in this busy and challenging time of the year.

I cannot believe this: welcome to the final week of our class! Your presentations and replies are due by tonight, and we proceed to our final reflection unit. Please complete all the unit’s activities, including the course evaluation, as well as reflection-related assignments, before drafting your final reflection.

If you can, attend our class get together on Monday, Dec 11th, at 11AM, via Zoom. I also understand if this is in the middle of your work/ busy day, but hope to see at least some of you then.

December 11st is the last day of classes this semester, and also the last day to submit any late assignments. Again, please review your grades on Blackboard and if there is any assignment that hasn’t been graded, reach out ASAP! Remember that if you submitted any late Conversation posts or Flip assignments, I won’t know about it unless you emailed me.

The final reflection is due by 11:59pm on Thursday, December 14th.

Good luck!

Prof. Barnes

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