Week 11: Breathe and Revise


Activity 1: Self-care

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What can you do to relax? If you know, do it. Otherwise search for options.

Activity 2: Watch this.

Watch this YouTube video on self-care:

Activity 3: Revise

What can you do to revise your essay? Some ideas: read your classmates’ comments on your draft, review my comments on your outline, visit the Writing Center, read some sample essays, and double check our essay requirements.

Here is the argument essay checklist:

Does your essay include a clear, arguable conclusion/ thesis?
Does your essay include a compelling introduction that establishes the topic of the essay, includes background information on your topic, and narrows the focus to the thesis/ conclusion?
Does each of your body paragraphs include clear topic sentences/ premises that relate to the thesis and clearly identify the focus of the paragraph?
Does your essay include an opposing viewpoint followed by your refutation, in which you point out possible sources of bias, fallacies, and errors in thinking?
Is your essay addressed to a specific group or person? Do you keep your audience in mind throughout the essay?
Does your essay include a compelling closing paragraph that represents your thesis but is not simply repetitive?
Does your essay include at least 3 secondary sources, including 2 from BMCC databases? Are all sources relevant to your thesis?
Does your essay include a thorough analysis of your sources and attention to reliability, validity and accuracy of the sources, without replacing your own voice?
Do you acknowledge your sources through properly formatted citations using MLA style and a properly formatted works cited page?
Is your final draft 4-5 pages in length (+ a works cited page)?
Did you submit all required drafts, including your outline, draft for peer review? Will you submit the final draft according to guidelines? (In Microsoft Word, double-spaced, as an attachment, etc?)
Is your writing focused and revised, with no errors in grammar, punctuation, and word usage?

Activity 4: Submit your essay on Blackboard by Monday, November 13th.

You have worked hard.

Now it’s time to showcase your work.

I can’t wait to read it.