Midterm week feedback

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your midterm exams. Overall, they were great, and show that you are ready for the second part of the semester. In several cases, I’ve asked for more information, if your answer seemed incomplete and/ or confusing. The opposing viewpoints question seemed the most challenging: I asked for an argument from both sides, and that would include two conclusions with their relevant premises. Some of you seem to still be confused about the meaning of “conclusion” and “premises” in critical thinking terminology. So–the conclusion is your claim/ argument, and the premises are the supporting reasons/ evidence. Does this make sense?

The midterm check ins were an effective way to evaluate your performance in the class, and share any questions or comments with me.

Some of you asked about submitting late work. Yes, I do accept late work, except for replies to classmates as no one returns to read those, it seems. That said, I don’t want to be reading reflection 1 or conversation 2 in December. So–the deadline for submitting any late assignments from the first half of the semester is November 1st.

I appreciate your time and effort in taking the survey as well. I have read all your answers and comments, and will try to address the ones that are in my power.

Take care,

Prof. Barnes

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