Conversation 4: Cults

For this discussion board post, you have 3 options:

1. Create a cult. Perhaps start with something you’re interested in, and think of ways your knowledge about this topic could benefit others. Select a leader (you?). Establish the rules of the cult. Where will this cult live? How will you recruit followers? Why should we join?

2. Find a story about a cult (news article, memoir, short film, interview, anything) and summarize it. Next, describe the steps you could take to avoid being enlisted in this cult.

3. Select one article from Cult Recovery 101, summarize it and let us know what you learned.

Replies to classmates: See what your classmates have posted and respond to them. If they created a cult, is it convincing? If they summarized a story or an article, did you learn something new? If you read the same article, are your summaries similar or different?

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