Week 3 already!

Dear All,

Week 3 already! I am excited about reading your quizzes on language and your analysis of “Formation.” Reminder–our week 2 ends tonight, so tonight is also the deadline for week 2 assignments.

This week is all about bias: decoding bias, understanding bias, avoiding bias. Read an article on bias, review a list of common biases, and think about what your own biases are. Take the bias quiz and post your response to Conversation/ Post 3. Everyone’s responses to Conversation 3 will be different–here, you will select one news story and read about it from 3 different perspectives, the left, the right and the middle–and I’m sure it will be fascinating to see the end result. And, with all the drama in politics these days, finding the stories should be easy!

If you haven’t yet, could you please take this CRT survey to help CRT faculty plan their classes?

Wishing you a good week – Prof. Barnes 

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