Feedback on Week 1

Hi Everyone–I watched all your Flip intros. Thank you so much for your memoirs, and for taking the time to post your video. It was so wonderful to see your faces and hear your voices. When I was reading your Conversation posts, I felt like I knew you a bit!

I did also read and grade Conversation 1. While it’s impossible for me to reply to each individual comment (I have about 100 students on the OpenLab this semester), I can assure you that I read them all. The strongest posts were the ones in which you discussed the two videos in detail/ listed some examples from the videos, and related them to your own worldview and definition of crt. In our discussion board, and in any discussion in life in general, the more specific you are, the better. The more examples you can provide and the more you can explain them, the stronger your point is.

If your grade is lower than 100, can you review our rules for posting, and do more the next time around? Some of you posted your enormous replies but did not comment on a classmate’s post, hence a 75. For post 1 only, I can make an exception and accept late replies to classmates, but please email me if you reply late as I don’t go back to conversations I read and graded.

Also, a few of you emailed me asking for extensions–if you see a 0 for any missing assignment, don’t worry, I am always happy to revise your grade. What is more, if you did not complete Conversation 1 and/ or Flip, you can still do it, because I want everyone to start the semester on a successful note. When you do, please email me to let me know what you submitted so that I can revise your grade. Again, otherwise I don’t return to assignments with past due dates. I hope this makes sense. Finally, I’ve also read your wonderful reflections. Please find my comments next to your grade on Blackboard.

Reflections on Blackboard- please submit future BB assignments as Microsoft Word attachments. I couldn’t open some of your submissions this time around if they were not in MW, plus MW is the standard submission format for colleges. What is more, as a BMCC student you can access free Microsoft Office, including MW.

Additionally, I appreciated that some of you posted a photo as your profile picture. It makes the discussion board so much more personal when we can see each other. Could you all post either a picture or an avatar/ symbol of your choice as your profile picture by the end of this week?

Best wishes and stay safe- Prof. Barnes

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