Welcome to Week 2

Dear Students–Week 1 ends at midnight tonight and Week 2 begins today (there is always this one-day overlap between the corresponding weeks). Please be sure to submit your assignments for Week 1 (Flip introduction, Conversation 1, Quiz 1 and the Reflection) by tonight. If you need an extension (perhaps you joined the class within the last few days or you simply need more time, plus it is Labor Day) please reach out. I am happy to be flexible. And I want everyone to start the class with an A. I will start grading your work later this week. And while I won’t be able to comment on each individual post, be assured that I do read them all and will provide feedback to the class as a whole.

In Week 2, we dive into critical thinking content: language. There is a PowerPoint in which you will learn about different functions of language, about emotive language and rhetorical devices. Next, you will watch two videos and analyze the language you hear. Quiz 2 is also based on those videos and your ability to apply what you learned in the lesson. Then, you will listen to a Beyonce song, several times, ideally, and read a related article, all of which will be the basis for Post 2. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Here is an overview of this week.

Prof. Barnes

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