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I chose the movie parasite. One of the moral dilemmas that stuck out to me is the way the Kim family went about aquiring their jobs. It started out by having Ki-woo fake being a university student so that he can be the tutor to the daughter of a rich family. Then has Ki-Jung lie to be become the art therapist of the rich familys son. Then the Kim family then begin to get others fired so that they can get their familiy members in that position. Even to go as far as assulting Moon-Gwang when she discovers their secrets

  1. Would follow my conscience. Most people would go along with the plan and not care since it would be for the betterment of their own family. Those who suffer from poverty might even take pleasure in taking advantage of those who are better off or rich
  2. I don’t know what I would do. This fits more along the lines of being unable to chose a side. Its harder to determine the black and white of the situation since its all shades of grey.
  3. I would do whatever would improve my own situation. This fits the Kim family perfectly. They will do anything to keep themselves in a winning postion. They will even attack others if it means winning.
  4. I would do what god or scriptures say is right. The religous side of life would consider everything they did as wrong. No matter what the justification they Kim family try to make for themselves, lying and taking advantages of others goes against religious belifes.
  5. I would do whatever made me happy. This also connects to point 3. The Kim Family needs these positions since they help make them money and take advantage of those in better standings.
  6. I would follow the advice of an authority figure. The Kim Family say Min-Hyuk as the supposedly authority figure. He offered a solution to their problem but it would involving lying and forging documents yet the Family took to it so easily and quickly.
  7. I would do whats best for everyone. The best outcome for this would be when Moon-Gwang asked the family to let her husband continue to hide, they should have agreed and tried to help her and husband any way they can.

I would be ok with the simply lying to get jobs when you are in the families postion. Yet once it crossed the line of sabatoging others for your own benefit is where I cant fully agree.

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