Conversation 8 – Kalyn Boudinot

In the film “Parasite,” a significant moral quandary emerges when the Kim family, having cunningly infiltrated the opulent household of the Park family through various subterfuges, finds themselves entangled in a precarious situation during a birthday celebration. The former housekeeper, Moon-gwang, unveils her concealed dwelling in a secret bunker beneath the Park residence. Faced with the urgent need to safeguard their newly acquired positions and uphold their elevated status within the Park family’s employ, the Kims confront a moral dilemma: whether to shield their deceptive secret and perpetuate their charade with the Parks or to divulge the truth about Moon-gwang’s hidden existence.

In navigating this complex scenario, my personal inclination leans towards a blend of deontological and virtue ethics. I would champion the principle of honesty, asserting that the supremacy of truth should prevail, and that maintaining one’s integrity stands as a pivotal factor in ethical decision-making. The virtue of honesty resonates deeply with the values I prioritize in grappling with ethical dilemmas. The moral compass guiding my decision encompasses core principles such as honesty, integrity, and a conviction that actions should be steered by a sense of duty and a steadfast commitment to truth, even if it entails personal sacrifice. This resonates with deontological ideals that prioritize duty-bound actions and virtue ethics, which underscore the cultivation of admirable character traits.

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