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Where I’m From

I am from
Pelles and North Faces
I am from a high altitude but I was raised in the Boogie Down
I am from the sidewalks, cracked by roots from trees
the squirrels live in
I am from consistently good potato salad on thanksgiving
and family that I don’t always see eye to eye but still coexist with.
From Sylvia
and Carlos
I am from the tendency to overthink
and end up doing nothing
From being told to sit still
and to keep going still
I am from Catholic school and mass
But I’m also from a place where loving your neighbor is hard sometimes
I’m from Ecuador,
From ceviche and empanadas
From the hard work of an orphan who left a lot to show for it,
from the patience
and care his daughter has raised me with
I am from long flights with mom and grandma,
That got me where I’m from to where I’m from

Where im from

I am from the stars

From the universe and beyond.

I am from the jungle.

I am from the cooksonia, the first

I am from the battle

and the deceitfulness from Ali and Allison and the vassel’s 

I am from the war and emptiness,

From never being like him 

and preventing the cycle.

I am from the agnostic.

One who wants to further expand their knowledge, in the belief that the norms are untrue.

I’m from the Caribbean, residing in the home of the big apple,

Jerk and Crawfish.

From the agony the father caused, constantly abusing his family,

the trauma he left as his legacy

and the unguided child that has taken in the wrong mindset.

I am from Florida, watched by the monsters that rule the lake,

Who claim their territory and wait for their prey.

Where I’m From

I am from school uniforms,

from maple syrup mornings and paper bag lunches.

I am from grass covered feet and swimming pool days.

I am from the front yard dandelions, 

the back yard weeds.

I am from Dr. Seuss stories

and green eyes,

from Tracy and John and Ella.

I am from big brothers

and piano serenades.

From car seat karaoke

and cousin talent shows.

I am from Wednesday ashes

and face washes.

I’m from fields of green I’ve not seen.

from St. Patrick’s day feasts and chocolate cupcakes.

From summer fires on the beach,

the sand crabs, the sunburns, and long drives home.

I am from bookshelf photo albums and birthday wishes of happy returns.

Where I’m From

I am from my Abuelita,

From where bachata is heard far and wide,

I am from a land that shimmers like gold, 

Where the sun glimmers , 

Touching the nation and sea year round.

I am from the beach,

As the sand sweeps between our feet, while the saltwater

Splashes against the heat.

I am from the Guira and Guitarra

The soothing rhythmic beats that make up our hearts.

Even the roosters sing and have their part.

I am from Tres leches

The only place where one kind of milk isn’t enough,

For our cakes

I am from the land of the Lord,

Where we give praises everyday 

With family and grace..

I am from the Dominican Republic,

From Queso frito to caramel cakes.

Our foods unite us and who we strive to be 

I am from the love that keep us together 

Through joy and tragedy.

Gods got us, fully.

For he only is my rock and my salvation,

My fortress.

Where I’m From Poem

I am from 50 cent chips from the corner store ,

from big buildings and cars.

I am from the childhood memory apartment, fun, big, loud.

I am from the red roses, pink carnations, sun the representation of love.

I am from annual family cookouts and thick hair

From Daddy and Mommy.

I am from the caring for people like grandma and my love for music like Daddy

From “You look just like your Mom ” and “You play music just like your Dad”.

I am from Christianity believing in Jesus Christ

I am from Brooklyn New York and North Carolina , sweet potato pie and fried chicken

From the time my parents met , the passing of my grandmother

I am from a place where everyone looks out for each other.


I think that in a way Frankenstein is projecting how he feels about himself when he looks and thinks about his creation. He feels like he himself is the monster for having created such a thing. Part of his growing disgust in it stems from the fact that he knows he has killed William and knows that he’s the one to blame for it. Throughout the monster’s plea for Frankenstein’s help in making him a partner of the opposite sex, he switches up a lot, going from understanding back to disgusted and unwilling to help. Even before the monster killed William, if he had created a more “Normal” looking subject he most likely would not have fled and abandoned it. Frankenstein would’ve been trying to show the whole world what he created and try to monetize or gain fame from it.

Throughout the creature’s plea Frankenstein acknowledges that it can articulate its feelings and thoughts in a “normal” manner. However, it’s always its looks that throw him off at the end. He admits that its “Tale and the feelings he now expressed proved him to be a creature of fine sensations,” (Chapter 17) But when Frankenstein “Looked upon him, when I saw the filthy mass that moved and talked, my heart sickened, and my feelings were altered to those of horror and hatred”. (Chapter 17) This shows how he is just being ableist and judging his creation based on its looks. The value he puts on the monster is based on the outside, not on what it is capable of doing, saying or feeling which is far more impressive than just focusing on its appearance. 


I think that Frankenstein is more than a “ ghost story”, in the story Victor Frankenstein said “ when I look upon him, when I saw the filthy that moved and talked, my heart sickened and my feelings were altered to those of horror and hatred. I tried to stifle these sensations; I thought that as I could not Sympathize with him” ( chapter 17 ). For me Victor is the real “monster”. Why would you create a creator that is so gross or disgusting for you. For me it doesn’t make any sense. After he created the “fiend” , as he called his own creation, he just ran away without care.  

The creature said “ I’m malicious because I’m miserable. Am I not shunned and hated by all mankind?”. He knew that no one would ever accept him because of his appearance. Later he said “ I will revenge my injuries; if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear, and chiefly towards you my arch-enemy, because my creator, do I swear inextinguishable hatred”. ( chapter 17). I think many people feel the same way as the creature. They feel alone, abandoned and disconnected from others.Those feelings could lead someone to become a serial killer. Most  of the serial killers have experienced  bullying, depression and violence in their lives. Many of them came from dysfunctional families that don’t care about them. That’s the reason I think that Frankenstein is more than a “ ghost story”  is the  reality of many people that feel that they don’t fit in this society, for many reasons apparience, personality, race, status etc.