Marriage proposals

The play of “Marriage proposals ” by Chekhov shows that an interesting comedy approach was followed for the show. Marriage is ancient customs and traditions that define nations and peoples and still exist to this day. Marriage is still the great event that is the hallmark of one’s life. Marriage is an ancient tradition, and both men and women must adhere to it. In my opinion, although Chekhov’s play is a comedy, it cleanses the reality of what is happening in our real life. For me, marriage is more than just an imaginary show. Before you think about marriage, you must think about your goals, your future, your work, your family, your money, your livelihood, your residence, and you must overcome them before.

3 thoughts on “Marriage proposals

  1. Hey Omar im in agreement with your, marriage isn’t just a show. Its sacrifice and work. The passion leaves but the love is what stays. Loving even when your emotions are telling you everything contrary to love. It shouldn’t be emotions driven, its dying to yourself daily for somebody that becomes apart of you.

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