Where I’m From

I am from my Abuelita,

From where bachata is heard far and wide,

I am from a land that shimmers like gold, 

Where the sun glimmers , 

Touching the nation and sea year round.

I am from the beach,

As the sand sweeps between our feet, while the saltwater

Splashes against the heat.

I am from the Guira and Guitarra

The soothing rhythmic beats that make up our hearts.

Even the roosters sing and have their part.

I am from Tres leches

The only place where one kind of milk isn’t enough,

For our cakes

I am from the land of the Lord,

Where we give praises everyday 

With family and grace..

I am from the Dominican Republic,

From Queso frito to caramel cakes.

Our foods unite us and who we strive to be 

I am from the love that keep us together 

Through joy and tragedy.

Gods got us, fully.

For he only is my rock and my salvation,

My fortress.

2 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Hi Angel,
    I really enjoyed your poem and the use of imagery, it painted a very vivid picture of the place you were describing. Specifically, words like gold, sun, and glimmers, gave the piece a warm feeling right from the start that was felt all the way through it.

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