Where I’m From

I am from school uniforms,

from maple syrup mornings and paper bag lunches.

I am from grass covered feet and swimming pool days.

I am from the front yard dandelions, 

the back yard weeds.

I am from Dr. Seuss stories

and green eyes,

from Tracy and John and Ella.

I am from big brothers

and piano serenades.

From car seat karaoke

and cousin talent shows.

I am from Wednesday ashes

and face washes.

I’m from fields of green I’ve not seen.

from St. Patrick’s day feasts and chocolate cupcakes.

From summer fires on the beach,

the sand crabs, the sunburns, and long drives home.

I am from bookshelf photo albums and birthday wishes of happy returns.

One thought on “Where I’m From

  1. Your life seems to have many, many memories, Bridget. As I read your poem, it paints a beautiful picture in my head, one I can imagine myself in. Thinking of the beach. with the creatures and the amazing vibe it gives, you managed to make me feel there within only 2 lines, and I really enjoyed that.

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