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Typically, I don’t find writing or english classes hard. Throughout my life, I’ve always been accustomed to writing in my own way because I feel that’s what really pushes someone to find themselves. When I write about things I’m unsure of, or things I generally would prefer not to, I don’t feel my brain getting any better. I don’t feel like I learned anything. I did enjoy a few assignments during this semester, specifically reading Sherman-Alexie, since it was something I felt strongly about.

The two writing pieces I’m most proud of weren’t given in this class, but I think they would make for a great addition. I wrote a play for a college class I took in 9th grade, and the teacher seemed to love it, compared to how selfish he was. I also wrote a book in 8th grade, and teachers outside of the class itself were complimenting me on it, so id say I’m most proud of those two. My writing skill doesn’t truly show all the time, but in tedious pieces it always does.

My greatest challenge was definitely time management. For the majority of the semester, I found myself finishing work all the way up to 2 in the morning, yet id still have assignments left. By the time id finish that I was falling behind in another class and had to stay up until the morning again, even after working since the previous morning. Then I’d drag myself to class and come home to relax. Yet, I knew I probably would only get an hour to myself for the day, so id keep working. Eventually, I had to put this class and a couple of others aside to get ahead in my more challenging courses, but no matter what I’d still find myself working until midnight.

I did appreciate Prof. Perry for this semester, and the class was very intriguing. I’ve read most of the stories that were presented, but the class itself as a whole was enjoyable.


This play signifies a crucial theme within marriages. The reoccurring instance is that marriages aren’t entirely based on love, but are rather driven by other factors. In this case, wealth drives marriage in this play. The two don’t even seem to show much care towards each other, as during the argument between Lomov and Natalya over ownership of land, she continues to pressure him even as his pains begin to worsen, rather than attempt to relieve his stress. The interaction between the two is not as most romance movies portray marriage, and is full of pettiness and bickering between the two, resulting in the opposite of what the audience is used to seeing. Towards the end, he also has no real idea why he married her and seems to go with the flow, not realizing how big of a commitment he has made. They are simply all greedy to get the benefit out of each other, instead of truly becoming one together.


I believe it can be argued whether or not this play exemplifies moral criticism. In my opinion, the best example that adheres to piety and virtue is the main cause of one of the characters not wanting to go to war. His father was lynched, and he blames his country which was in a time period where people of his color were not respected. He takes this and uses it as his reason to not go to war and support and country that took his father away from him. This shows that the actions that were taken towards him had negative consequences that show through his demeanor in the play and that the treatment towards him was wrong, allowing his actions to be justified.


In my opinion, this question can only be answered depending on the context. Realistically, a white person will never understand the troubles that a black person deals with when it comes to racism. No matter who it is, the only way to understand would be to deal with the same circumstances, which is almost impossible. In this story, to elaborate, Kate Chopin gives the right perspective, as it is easy to tell through her writing that it is from the perspective of a white person. The facts that come down to experience are not elaborated on too much, and we only see emotions from the characters that anyone could explain to a degree. It is a basic concept to have your race revealed to you and would shock anyone to find out they aren’t who they thought they were. However, life after would require someone who understands the situation to write about. How her environment changes, etc.


Armand was taken aback. The hatred that burrowed itself within him was at a crossroads. His own hatred, was towards himself all this time. He thought of his wife, his child. The impact he wanted to give all along was all about himself. He wanted to give Desiree a better life, although his negative views were wiped of reason. Who was he really? Why did he try to wipe away Desiree’s past, when he shared the same heritage? Was he the one who truly wanted to switch his identity?

As he gazed upon the flames in front of him, he reached his hand out, an ember encasing his cloth.


The rulership that takes place within “This is what it means…” is known as a tribal government or sovereignty. These governments are ruled by the culture or tribe that exists in the space. In this case, the Native American tribes would choose their own people to be in charge, as seen when Victor visits the council. The council offers him money for his trip to pick up his father’s ashes, most likely funded by the outside government. The problem is that this enforces a culture only seen on the reservation. The Native Americans become accustomed to living under these conditions of colonization and make decisions that help them collectively, such as the small funding they provided to Victor, showing that they themselves are forced into their current living conditions because of a lack of money. These issues present themselves to Thomas, and his life on the reservation exists as the “Lone Storyteller”. He is separated from most of the group and lives his life trying to express his true identity relating to his culture.


I think parents should be honest with their kids instead of sugarcoating everything. Kids eventually have to see the real world and they’ll be hit like a train with life. Kids shouldn’t learn only the nice things, because that’s not real. Life is harsh, and kids should be prepared for it. That’s how we create a stronger society, and stay alive. Kids should of course know how little words mean sometimes, so they aren’t lured into the wrong crowd. Not teaching that is like setting them up for failure, its a choice.

In my opinion. I feel that writing is not as useful as it was before. This is only because of changes in society. Nowadays, people are more focused on the big picture. For example, covid. People aren’t worried about covid as much because they do not have as many signs in their faces telling them about the statistics. Before, the hospitalizations had everyone scared. The same goes for discrimination, and some people have the nerve to say BLM isn’t happening anymore. If you remember, there were riots over what happened to George Floyd. And they were violent, but they sent a message and got more attention because they were all over. Now, if you simply were to write about it versus making a video, it wouldn’t have as much of an Impact.

Where im from

I am from the stars

From the universe and beyond.

I am from the jungle.

I am from the cooksonia, the first

I am from the battle

and the deceitfulness from Ali and Allison and the vassel’s 

I am from the war and emptiness,

From never being like him 

and preventing the cycle.

I am from the agnostic.

One who wants to further expand their knowledge, in the belief that the norms are untrue.

I’m from the Caribbean, residing in the home of the big apple,

Jerk and Crawfish.

From the agony the father caused, constantly abusing his family,

the trauma he left as his legacy

and the unguided child that has taken in the wrong mindset.

I am from Florida, watched by the monsters that rule the lake,

Who claim their territory and wait for their prey.