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Where I’m From

I am from followspots,

From theater chairs and marley floors.

I am from the bright orange fridge, almost neon

I am from the California evergreens,

the community lake with the all day all night party and the saturday morning drum circles

I am from shabbos

and big noses,

from Piro Shalom

And the hippie revolution

I am from the impulsivity

and music.

From “making plans for nigel”

and “brick house”

I am from the 4 hour seder every spring

But not from the temple

I’m from Oakland and from a lost ancestry

Never discussed

Street tacos and strong coffee

From the oregon communes in 1969,

the the acid and the grateful dead and the Janis Joplin as God,

and the protest arrests with Joan Baez and a different husband each time.

I am from that bright orange, almost neon fridge

With my two brothers and my sister

And my grandfather who passed 

smiling at us with a pipe in his mouth and a beer in his hand

At his happiest

Where I’m from

I am from Venezuela. 

A place like paradise full of happiness 

The smell of Pan de jamon and coffee from the bakery downstairs  

Children playing soccer and baseball everywhere 

I’m from playing Hot wheels with my neighbor Francisco 

The radio in the parking lot always playing the news of the baseball game. 

I’m from Arepas and Tequenos 

I’m from a country that never sleeps 

people playing salsa and bachata music at night 

I’m from Venezuela, a hell of a place full of criminal violence. 

A place where you can’t use your smartphone because you could be robbed at any time 

A place where you always have to keep an eye on your surroundings because people may stalk you and rob you. 

A place where you heard from your parents that a relative was kidnapped. 

I’m from Guangzhou China 

A place that doesn’t snow but it still gets very cold during the winter. 

I’m from getting up at 6:30 am to get ready for school and won’t get home from school until 5:00 pm 

I’m from endless after-school and weekend concert band practice 

I’m from strict house rules from grandma 

I’m from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn 

Where Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese people live 

Seafood markets and sushi restaurants 

I’m from the Deli store across the street from my house 

I’m from the Q train 

Where I’m From

I am from the city

from buildings and blinding lights

I am from hot summer days

And cold winter nights

I am from the mountain valleys

And two seasons

I’m from Friday night adventures

Lost in downtown

I’m from sparrows

And squirrels

I’m from two News

Both York and Jersey

I’m from the country on the Equator

I am from a mind

who longs for freedom

Where I’m From

I am from the steel pan ,

From Matouk’s pepper sauce and Chubby .

I am from the hot sunny days and sandy beaches

I am from the hibiscus flower,

the coconut trees

I am from Sunday night family dinners

And clear brown skin,

From Indra

And Usha and Deosaran

I am from the compassion

And unity

From people doubt you

And we believe in you .

I am from Hindu schools and Sunday prayers .

I’m from Brooklyn ,

Curry Chicken and Gulab Jamun.

From the hardworking grandmother ,

The multitalented aunt,

and the hardworking mother.

I am from photo albums and home videos.

Where I’m from

I am from a cup of tea,

From milk  and sugar.

I am from the wooden doors my father made by hand, tall, strong, glossy.

I am from the figs growing on concrete,

And the spinach growing on wood.

I am from eggnog on christmas

And round faces,

From uncle sunny

and ivy lynn and gertrude.

I am from the loud conversation 

And vague descriptions .

From big feet

and long legs.

I am from good intentions.

From listening to understand and not listening to respond.

I’m from the city that never sleeps and the sweet island of Jamaica,

Salt fish, ackee and breadfruit.

From my parents who moved from warm tropics to winter snow,

The coconut water turned soda,

And fresh fruit turned canned.

I am from the photobook on the nightstand with Jamaican dollars used as bookmarks.

Where am I from

I come from the tropics,
from delicious food and kind people.
I come from concrete streets
the branches on which the birds perch.
I come from a family member on the lunch table
and family discussions,
I come from a maknae
From movies about love
From a kind heart
and a small flower
I come from the temple
from a family with a tradition of being a teacher

I come from Hanoi,
The capital of Vietnam
From people who work hard
From a country affected by war
I come from a beautiful country

Where I’m From

I am from stethoscopes.

from Purell and Kimberly-Clark powder gloves.

I am from the constant beeping of heart rate monitors.

I am from a brick building

the artistic heart of a city.

I am from writing

and reading.

from Michael.

and Tracey.

I am from ADHD

and a General Anxiety Disorder.

From kindness

and creativity.

I am from evenings spent watching Yankees baseball

I’m from the West Village,

Hudson Street Bagels and arroz con pollo from the bodega .

From the poverty my father, Michael, grew up with,

and the worry from my mother.

I am from our home in New York City.

Where I am from

I am from closet ,
from Shirts and pants .
I am from the top roof of a building .
I am from the tree
the branches on which the birds sit.
I am from a family member on alunch table
and happy moments ,
I am from mohammed and layla,
I am from a big brothers
From a bed mattress
From a Kind heart
and merciful heart .
I am from the islam
from a muslims family
I’m from New York and Yemen ,
From a chicken over rice
From the First grade school
the Nice friends
and the good times
I am from an Iphone Albums

Where I’m From

By: Diana Castro

I am from bright, white light and tranquil air.

I am from “Limon y Sal” playing in the morning to U2‘s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to commence the weekend.

I am from the hole ripped from the grass, from our trespassing, dirt bike riding neighbors.

I am from endless curiosity, vibrant imagination, essential boredom and innocent white lies.

I am from door-knocking unsolicited, black tie, white collared trick-or-treaters.

I am from standing in a kitchen,

staring at a bowl of tiny bright-eyed fresh anchovies,

scarred for life as my mother is asking us children,

Just try one!”

I never knew who consumed or disposed of their tiny bodies.

I am from nightly local cricket symphonies in the summer

and rollie-pollies, who turn into dice.

I am from being mesmerized by Spirited Away glowing from the TV screen during my pajama themed 7th birthday party.

I am from giggling juvenile prank calls,

homestyle eggo waffles slathered in cold butter and grape jelly

and finding delicacy in stolen slices of prosciutto.

I am from reading Grimm fairy tales before bed,

only the eerie ones,

watching friendships last,

and cold-wash only denim.

I prolong falling asleep

to stay in this daydream forever..

Where I’m From

Where I’m From 

I am from soft blankets,

and from Swiss miss hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I am from the cozy, brick house on the end of the dead end street

I am from the lilies and succulents,

I am from one Christmas present at twelve a.m.

and clumsiness.

From the Hoods,

the Grenions and more.

I am from the hard workers

and the givers.

I’m from Manhasset, NY, Guyana and Antigua,

from warm peppa pot on Christmas morning.

From the toddler version of myself being the boss of my dad,

and the toddler version of myself making him sit down and watch cartoons with me while a

party was going on outside.

From my sister trying alcohol for the first time, not being able to hold it at all.

I am from the picture books and binders, the picture frames placed delicately in our home

The pictures highlighting the major and passing moments of our lives,

My mom graduating from college,

My sister holding me,

My grandma, mom, and sister smiling before I was ever a thought

and my mom embracing two of her girls.