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Bambara written activism

While written activism in 1971 may have had a substantial impact during that time, I believe that in today’s society, written activism does not have the same impact for BIPOC. While in the age where social media serves as a platform for activism, written articles and news reports may spark controversy and start a discussion, but are quickly overshadowed by the next trending topic. Due to the increasing amounts of social media platforms and surplus of articles and posts being produced each second, information tends to be easily overlooked. Based on my observations, I believe demonstrative forms of activism such as protests, rallies and marches are more impactful ways to create change for BIPOC. Although writing does draw attention to certain issues, recent years have shown that giving people an outlet to publicly express their concerns is an effective way of bringing awareness. 

Does the writer’s race matter when the narrative deals with issues of race? 

In  “Desiree’s baby”  short story her baby was born with dark skin and her husband said “ it means ” he answered lightly, “that the child is not white; it means that you are not white.”(3). Why did he blame her for the skin color of their baby ? only because she was a woman, so it was supposed to be her fault. I think he already knew that his mother was black, but he didn’t accept that fact. 

 For me the writer’s race does not matter at all nowadays. For me almost every minority group is experiencing any form of racial discriminacion in America. We can see that all the time in the news, newspaper or social media. We can see different kind of discriminacion against black, latinos, women, gays, etc, no only for their skin color also for their belief, language or even their accent. 

Last semester I read an article called  “ Accent bias: A Barrier to Black African-Born Nurses Seeking Managerial and Faculty positions in the United States” By Michigan University, the study shows the challenges that  immigrants face in America for their foreign accents. This study shows the discriminacion that many nurses have to face for not sounding American, so discriminacion is a huge problem right now.