Where im from

I am from the stars

From the universe and beyond.

I am from the jungle.

I am from the cooksonia, the first

I am from the battle

and the deceitfulness from Ali and Allison and the vassel’s 

I am from the war and emptiness,

From never being like him 

and preventing the cycle.

I am from the agnostic.

One who wants to further expand their knowledge, in the belief that the norms are untrue.

I’m from the Caribbean, residing in the home of the big apple,

Jerk and Crawfish.

From the agony the father caused, constantly abusing his family,

the trauma he left as his legacy

and the unguided child that has taken in the wrong mindset.

I am from Florida, watched by the monsters that rule the lake,

Who claim their territory and wait for their prey.

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