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Where I’m from

I am from poverty

from rocks that I played as toy cars.

I am from the house made of earth and straw brick walls, clay tile roofs and soiled floors, from its freshness during the summer and its wet earth smell on rainy days.

I am from the wild cosmos flower valley,

The eight yellow petals and the green stem that covered the entire area.

I am from Saint Franscisto de Asis carnival on October 3rd,

and the strict, the humble and the respect,

from Maria del Carmen

and Esau and the Ayala’s.

I am from going to the field to work on the crops after school

and to feed the horses, donkeys and pigs.

From going to the mountains to cut firewood

and going to the springs in the mountains to bring spring water to drink.

I am from the Catholic church and school,

From going to church every Sunday and from having nun teachers.

I’m from Olinala, from Xixila and Xitopontla Mexico,

From the daily fried eggs with hot sauce breakfast to the refried beans lunch and dinner

From  my aunt Fausta who was said to be a sesame seed of all moles because she would be present in every celebration.

I am from memories stored in the closet,

from my sibling’s school graduations to my sister’ wedding.


During my time in the class, I feel that I have been exposed to a variety of genres such as poetry, drama, and spoken language.. It can be said that participating in this class is really a positive experience and Happy with me when I get so much support and step out of my fear. I can say that my favorite part is the one- act play because when I was writing the script, giving the dialogue to the character, I felt like I was floating in my own world. And it was that exercise that made me have to learn a lot about the context to be able to write a complete play. Thereby, I see more and more oppression that women had to face in the past.

Besides, the poetry analysis also made me feel like I was relived in a historical period when I was analyzing a very famous Vietnamese poem about the optimism and fighting spirit of the ancient soldiers. . It makes my heart sob and the boundless gratitude to the soldiers. I am very happy to hear the comments and talk with the professor.

In addition, writing my own poetry also showed me the poems of my classmates. I can imagine the setting and where they came from. I find it very interesting because I have never studied like that before.

Finally, I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful semester, for the experience you have provided. Because your openness gave me a lot of motivation and overcame my fear of writing. I would like to thank the professor from the bottom of my heart.

In my opinion, the story of “Frankestein” is a story about slavery and really it is a political essay, exposing the truth. When the character Frankenstein always feels like he doesn’t belong here. He was like a monstrous character and was not treated well when he still had to do hard work but was not taken seriously, they took it for granted. They thought he was different and was only born to serve people. They oppress him and oppress his thoughts when they don’t want him to have feelings. As much as at the time, we can clearly see that Frankenstein represents people of color when they are not always treated the same as other people just because of different skin color.

Where I’m from

I am from Venezuela. 

A place like paradise full of happiness 

The smell of Pan de jamon and coffee from the bakery downstairs  

Children playing soccer and baseball everywhere 

I’m from playing Hot wheels with my neighbor Francisco 

The radio in the parking lot always playing the news of the baseball game. 

I’m from Arepas and Tequenos 

I’m from a country that never sleeps 

people playing salsa and bachata music at night 

I’m from Venezuela, a hell of a place full of criminal violence. 

A place where you can’t use your smartphone because you could be robbed at any time 

A place where you always have to keep an eye on your surroundings because people may stalk you and rob you. 

A place where you heard from your parents that a relative was kidnapped. 

I’m from Guangzhou China 

A place that doesn’t snow but it still gets very cold during the winter. 

I’m from getting up at 6:30 am to get ready for school and won’t get home from school until 5:00 pm 

I’m from endless after-school and weekend concert band practice 

I’m from strict house rules from grandma 

I’m from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn 

Where Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese people live 

Seafood markets and sushi restaurants 

I’m from the Deli store across the street from my house 

I’m from the Q train 

What Thanksgiving Means

I know thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be thankful and bless others but after knowing how many indigenous people would liken to boycott against thanksgiving I try to not equate thanksgiving with being thankful. I only relate it to big meals and a lot of food. My family still meets for the holiday so it is a time to see those I don’t see throughout the year. I try to find other ways to show my family I’m thankful for them. Food wise thanksgiving means Mac and cheese, rice and peas, and other delicious dishes.

Final Reflection

Over the course of the semester I was able to read interesting pieces of work and practice writing in a multitude of ways. It was sometimes challenging for me to put my thoughts down and into my writing. I think I grew in ways such as not overthinking when it comes to essays and poems. I have a style of writing in a way that is almost like a conversation and like using certain terms.

My two pieces I’m proud of would be my essay on women’s oppressions and my post on whether parents should joke with their kids are not. My women’s oppressions essay took a lot of thought and originality and is a piece I feel like a deserved a good grade on. I used a lot of time finding a good enough hook and captivating introduction paragraph. My post on parents joking with their children mentions ideas I wish to share and I like how I articulated it.

My biggest challenge this semester was completing all of my assignments and time management. I worked two jobs this semester and often found myself lacking motivation at the end of the semester like other students. I felt that the work I would submit could be better so I ended up taking longer to submit them.

This course provided me the opportunity to read various interesting pieces, some of which I would read on my own. I was able to learn more about poem and film analysis as well as theatre.

Final Reflections

In the time spent analyzing texts and reflecting on them in this class, I realized that there were a lot of unique bodies of work that I never would have previously investigated if it were not for this class and I believe it was a positive experience. I have always liked poetry however never really read it or analyzed it. I never enjoyed drama plays but I enjoyed reading them through the lens of the assignments for this class. I always loved short stories like “The Thirteenth Night”, and analyzing pieces like this and many others from this class helped me learn a lot about myself and how I view the world, particularly when I was asked to comment about my initial reactions to the pieces.  

I would like to highlight my writing for Ichiyo’s “The Thirteenth Night”. This was the piece I enjoyed reading and writing about the most. I am not sure if it is necessarily my strongest writing by any means, but I will say It was the piece I was most mentally and emotionally invested in. I do not always have clear and identifiable ideas or feelings about a piece of literature, story, movie or poem, however this one resonated heavily with me. As I previously stated it may not be my strongest writing, but I am most proud of it because I felt very confident in the ideas and takeaways that I chose to write about in the assignments. 

I always find poetic analysis to be the most difficult for me. My personal outlook on poetry is that it is the raw expression of one’s mind. Because of this, it can be incredibly moving and beautiful, but also difficult to understand. There are people whose expressions and messages click with me right away and I understand what they were feeling when they wrote it clearly. Others it is less clear. It may be that the concepts that they are highlighting are foreign to me, the complexity of the poetic structure or vocabulary they choose to use, or even that I might just not resonate with their message. While it may be difficult for me to understand at times,  I feel as though it pushes me as a writer, reader and overall thinker. 

I enjoyed the body of work that we were asked to compose as a whole. I found the pieces to be very thought provoking and interesting, while also not being repetitive. I feel that I have grown as a reader the most after this course and my ability to pull ideas from literature has greatly improved since the beginning. Thank you Professor P!

Final Reflections

During this semester I have learned a lot about myself and my writing. I learned that even when analyzing work, there is a place for creativity. As humans we can not help but to relate things to our personal experiences. Literature as an art form comes from a deep personal place that must be acknowledged when discussing it. Through the assignments this semester I learned to look at works of literature from many different points of view. I have become more confident in my opinions as well as my writing. 

An assignment that I personally found memorable was the eraser poem. I found it interesting how everyone approached it in different ways. The endless amount of outcomes that could be achieved using a technique such as blackout poetry was fascinating to think about. It was a good example of writing as a creative outlet. I also enjoyed researching aspects of feminist history for the research paper I chose to write about The Thirteenth Night. It was challenging but also fulfilling. 

This semester has been challenging for me in a few ways. I found the condensed schedule of multiple classes in the express session difficult at times, but still manageable. This was my first semester back to school after taking some time to explore different options. I enjoyed the experience and hope to continue taking fulfilling classes in the future. 

Receiving feedback from my peers was a highlight of this semester. I engaged with other students in this way during multiple classes. It is reassuring to hear that your work has been noticed. It is also interesting to see others opinions and ways of looking at things that might be different from yours. Overall, I had a good experience learning about new things, as well as myself. 


Typically, I don’t find writing or english classes hard. Throughout my life, I’ve always been accustomed to writing in my own way because I feel that’s what really pushes someone to find themselves. When I write about things I’m unsure of, or things I generally would prefer not to, I don’t feel my brain getting any better. I don’t feel like I learned anything. I did enjoy a few assignments during this semester, specifically reading Sherman-Alexie, since it was something I felt strongly about.

The two writing pieces I’m most proud of weren’t given in this class, but I think they would make for a great addition. I wrote a play for a college class I took in 9th grade, and the teacher seemed to love it, compared to how selfish he was. I also wrote a book in 8th grade, and teachers outside of the class itself were complimenting me on it, so id say I’m most proud of those two. My writing skill doesn’t truly show all the time, but in tedious pieces it always does.

My greatest challenge was definitely time management. For the majority of the semester, I found myself finishing work all the way up to 2 in the morning, yet id still have assignments left. By the time id finish that I was falling behind in another class and had to stay up until the morning again, even after working since the previous morning. Then I’d drag myself to class and come home to relax. Yet, I knew I probably would only get an hour to myself for the day, so id keep working. Eventually, I had to put this class and a couple of others aside to get ahead in my more challenging courses, but no matter what I’d still find myself working until midnight.

I did appreciate Prof. Perry for this semester, and the class was very intriguing. I’ve read most of the stories that were presented, but the class itself as a whole was enjoyable.

Final Reflection

From when I started, I was afraid of the English class because I was suffering from Writing essay , but Professor Perry tried to help me and made it easier for me to write it. writing an essay developed and it became something normal for me, not the way I used to look at it before.

I enjoyed reading the short stories. These were the stories that I liked the most, and I feel that I can talk about them a lot. I also liked the Open Lab. I enjoyed publishing my opinion and commenting on the opinions of my friends. For me, it was funny, and I learned a lot from people’s opinions.

One of the challenges I faced in ENG 201 is drama because it is the first time for me to do something like this and I had a difficult challenge, but it was a fun challenge and I tried as much as I could to do it as required and I worked and I hope to get what I deserve.

Also liked the film we watch and í enjoyed watching it for me I like to watch film more than reading because i think reading is more harder and sometimes seeing stuff make you understand what’s going on. Thank you very much Professor Perry , for making this class an understanding class for us ,this was my last ENG class, I wanted to be with you if it wasn’t not my last class.

What does Thanksgiving mean ?

I don’t usually get excited about thanksgiving because I don’t have a big family, there’s 3 of us & we usually stay in watching tv and eating all day every year. Generally, the holidays make me feel sad and isolated, there are days where I feel “jolly” and thankful but not for too long. It’s usually a time of year where everyone is stressing over money, especially with black Friday being the day after thanksgiving. It’s ironic how we’ve dedicated a day to being grateful for what we have and the very next day we’re fighting others for toys and whatnot on sale. The articles that appear in “What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?” by the New York Times are so relatable and are a good representation of how many oof us feel during the holidays.

To me, Thanksgiving is a time where I’m able to relax and get a break from both school and work. Those around me and in my neighborhood use this time to get together with close friends and family, create new memories and enjoy each other’s presence, something they’re not able to do too often. Even though my family and I don’t do much for thanksgiving we still make sure we make lots of food, sometimes we make turkey and other years we make traditional dishes like Pernil(Roasted pork), potato salad, rice and beans. We like to trade plates of food with neighbors, this is our way of showing thanks and still connecting with others when we don’t want to have big house parties. When I’m older I want to start getting together with my close friends and members outside of my intermediate family, this is something I have not have the pleasure of doing as a child.

Final Reflection

Over the course of this semester, I’ve realized a lot about myself as a writer and the type of student/person I am. If I could describe my writing style in one word, it would be “Authentic”. I like to write how I speak; I usually like to stay away from “big, pretentious” words when I write because of this. I would like whoever is reading my writing to feel as if they know me on a personal level and feel comfortable, not have to try to decipher what I’m saying. These past 15 weeks have not been easy, but I would like to think that I do my best, nonetheless. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself, I’m still young and learning as I go, so I shouldn’t be hard on myself because I choose to focus on what I personally feel is more important, not what others say is important.

My top two favorite writing pieces from this semester would have to be our poetry analysis essay and our “Where I’m from” assignment.” I really enjoyed learning about Natalie Diaz and getting the chance to analyze some of her poems, more specifically her “They don’t love you like I love you” piece. This poem of hers was about her mom’s advice to her about love and being careful with who you fall for which evoked some strong emotions in me. Our “Where I’m from” assignment allowed me to reflect on my upbringings and appreciate my surroundings more. I don’t always get a chance to just relax and look at what I have and the people around me with all the craziness in my everyday life.

I would say that my biggest challenge this semester has been trying to balance both my school and personal life all at once. I feel like there were times where my personal life would get in the way of my learning and no matter how aware I was of this; I rarely did anything about it. I’m sure that as college students many of us feel the same way. We have those moments where all we think about is our future and doing good in school, but then there are other times were we just want to live-in the moment and deal with the consequences later.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not perfect and never will be, therefore I need to be nicer to myself considering everything I’ve been through. Many of us are stuck living our everyday lives for others, trying to impress and outdo the next person. I’m slowly trying to outgrow this mentality. I am allowed to make mistakes and not feel bad about it, take mental health breaks and decide when I want to finish MY goals, “Because this is my first life.”