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Government: Alexie

Two characteristics of the government existing in Sherman Alexis’s poem but not shown (the US Government) is tyrannical and selfish. Tyrannical because indigenous people’s lives were controlled in every aspect. Where they lived, how much money they had, what school they went to and more. Selfish because the land that was rightfully the natives were stripped for them only to be told where they could live and how much land they were able to have. Millions of acres reduced to small reservations. Bountiful resources now turned to drugs, alcohol and poor nutrition. Rather than sharing resources they keep as much to themselves as possible. The government shown in the poem, the tribal government, is one that is giving. They try to help their community with what they have. They are also traditional, tribe governments have been around in many indigenous cultures.

Ichiyo and Feminism

In the short story “The Thirteenth Night” by Ichiyo, the feminism literary theory can be observed. The main character Oseki is subjected to remain in her abusive marriage because of the ridicule she will face from society, the effect it will have on her family, and her not being able to see her son if she leaves. She attempts to leave her abusive husband and gets guidance from her parents. Oseki’s mother is immediately supportive, her father thinks about the situation but worries about the outcome and tells her to go back home. In her time period, similar to ours, the patriarchal values leave women dependent on their husbands. Oseki could symbolize the many women who do not have freedom. She has to stay in her relationship to prevent other horrible things from happening to her. Women often remain in their situations due to a lack of opportunities and how they will be treated when they try to obtain better lives. Women did not have much power but navigated through education if they were of higher class. Some used deception and hidden secrets.

Writing as Activism

  The way people are exposed to information and ideas has changed a lot over the years, especially with the rise of smartphones, social media, and just the Internet as a whole. However, this doesn't eliminate the viability of writing as a means of activism. Writing will always be useful, especially for marginalized groups for the simple fact that it costs virtually nothing. Video content viewers and creators can easily get too distracted by production value, or lack thereof. Sometimes the people who have the most to share can have little resources to put it out there, so writing is sometimes the only critical content that they consistently put out. Furthermore,there will always be like minded or just curious people who are interested enough to read up on a topic with a compelling or bold take. Sometimes these are the people who feel inspired enough to go out and make social media posts, or the ones involved in organizing marches. Writings role in activism may have changed but it still exists, and it's an important one. 

Mine eyes have never seen

Alice Dunbar-Nelson play “Mine eyes have never seen ” shows the horrific and domestic lives of black families back then. During that time many black families were being separated due to the racism they had to experience. The play consists of a black father and husband who was lynched due to his racist white neighbors who did not want him to be successful. The man’s family which consists of his wife and three children is having a hard taking this in as they have to move up north. Tragically the mother passes away due to pneumonia and heartbreak shortly after.

This play shows moral criticism by showing how humans are cruel to each other in societies. In this play it shows the harsh realities in a society. A man with a promising career and beautiful because of the hatred and jealousy of others. Society has always been filled with people who in competition and comparison with others when in reality it shouldn’t be like that. People cause others pain and suffering since the beginning of time in a society.


From the moment a child talks it means that they have been listening to what you say. In my understanding, adults tend to complain a lot in front of kids not knowing that the first instinct of a child is to mirror the behavior of others. I believe that adults should be careful when talking about big issues in front of young children because they will pick up this negativity and, over time, become negatively programmed themselves. However, you should never shield kids from world events. I recommend adults to level with the kid in an age-appropriate and reassuring way because they are powerless to address anything in their life but have the right to understand that there are certain things that can affect them.

In my opinion. I feel that writing is not as useful as it was before. This is only because of changes in society. Nowadays, people are more focused on the big picture. For example, covid. People aren’t worried about covid as much because they do not have as many signs in their faces telling them about the statistics. Before, the hospitalizations had everyone scared. The same goes for discrimination, and some people have the nerve to say BLM isn’t happening anymore. If you remember, there were riots over what happened to George Floyd. And they were violent, but they sent a message and got more attention because they were all over. Now, if you simply were to write about it versus making a video, it wouldn’t have as much of an Impact.

Nergo Jackson Blackface

 I said it
            buying a gun
for my kind

To be safe,
                 Our song plays
     Girl Don’t you know you’re a Negro? What in the hell?                                                              A confession
                       I do not know precisely
               I approximate myself as something to celebrate.
I                                                                                                     Dress-up
                                                            to get blessed. 
     hiding, shoulder to door jamb and maybe
a rifle.                                                                                                                                                                                                              scared shitless to leave 
                                   that way.
The glass is                            empty now.                                 

                              Isn't repentance itself

in the palms.    never ever stop thinking          
how it ends.             when the other you eats you             Sometimes
 white lovers, I ask permission
                                to show my dark.                                                                                                                                                                            devils underground

Where I’m From

I am from widowed mothers

flower prints and baby perfume

I am from divine feminine love

and grief

I am from a land of palm trees and plantains

land of nostalgia

salsa and warmth

I am from dark skies

green terrains

soft grandmothers with green eyes

bagpipes and country scents

I am from the smell of Cuban coffee

grandfathers who laugh like thunder



all at once

I am from infinite mourning

and infinite growth