Marriage Proposals

In the play, ‘The Proposal, ‘ Chekov shows how easily fights and hostility can destroy a couple’s relationship. He tries to pass the message that couples must learn to reign in their wrath to keep their relationship healthy. Arguing over little matters is counterproductive and destructive. Just like modern time proposals, in the play, we see Ivan going to propose to Natalya. Ivan asks for permission to marry Natalya, he approaches Natalya’s father and asks him to permit him to marry her daughter, and he accepts the proposal (Chekov). The play fits into the performative aspect of proposals because Ivan uses word of mouth to ask for Natalya’s hand in marriage.

Chekov’s play shows that people are given specific roles, ways of acting, and expectations based on their gender. There are ideas behind symbolic gendering in the play. A good example is when Ivan says he wants to marry Natalya because he believes she can be a good housekeeper because of her gender (Chekov). Even now, this same idea is still shown in today’s media, and it is an excellent way to remember that marriage proposals can be about power, gender roles, and expectations. We find that men desire to marry women who will be more submissive, while men are supposed to be more powerful and the head of families after marriage.

The marriage proposal is still reflected in gender today. People still value the idea of marriage proposals. The wedding is an important event in a person’s life; thus, to make it charming and lovely, a marriage proposal is significant since it establishes a harmonious and meaningful relationship between the man and the woman. A marriage proposal is the easiest way to determine how committed your partner is to the relationship and how much they want to make it stronger and more stable.

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  1. Your examples of how Chekov illustrated gender roles in the play is very interesting. I agree the way in which couples go about a marriage proposal may be indicative of how their relationship will work out in the future.

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