Where I’m From

I am from
Pelles and North Faces
I am from a high altitude but I was raised in the Boogie Down
I am from the sidewalks, cracked by roots from trees
the squirrels live in
I am from consistently good potato salad on thanksgiving
and family that I don’t always see eye to eye but still coexist with.
From Sylvia
and Carlos
I am from the tendency to overthink
and end up doing nothing
From being told to sit still
and to keep going still
I am from Catholic school and mass
But I’m also from a place where loving your neighbor is hard sometimes
I’m from Ecuador,
From ceviche and empanadas
From the hard work of an orphan who left a lot to show for it,
from the patience
and care his daughter has raised me with
I am from long flights with mom and grandma,
That got me where I’m from to where I’m from

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