Jailene Saba convo 8


In Moonlight, the moral dilemma in the movie is to do whatever makes you happy. The main character got bullied a lot and he couldn't be himself around others. One possible outcome from doing whatever makes you happy is you would have a clear conscience. Having a clear conscience can improve mental health and enhance relationships. In the trailer, you can see that the main character is trying to find himself mentally. Doing whatever makes you happy can make you view the world differently and see others in a different light. This will help you separate yourself from things that aren't making you happy. If I were the main character, I would do what makes me happy. Nobody can stop me from doing what I actually want to do so it's easier to actually achieve that. Being happy is better than trying to conform to others' opinions. I based my decision on what could benefit me the most. I would want to live the only life I have being myself and do things that keep me busy and happy. I believe my moral compass is decent because in situations, I would most likely pick the logical thing to do but also put my feelings in the mix too. I think how a certain situation would affect me and others around me if it was negative or positive.

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