Conversation 5 – Alex Castillo

In the TED talk by Barry Schwartz, he claims that having too many choices is worse than having few choices. One of the ways he explains his idea is that he says “The absence of some metaphorical fishbowl is a recipe for misery”. What Schwartz is trying to say is that it is better when there is a limit on the choices available to us. He follows that up by saying if that fishbowl were to break, paralysis would set in for the fish due to the surplus of available choices. Schwartz also states “The key to happiness is to have low expectations”. I agree with Schwartz as he explains later on that the reason depression has been on the rise is because of people’s impossible expectations. For the article, I chose the New York Times. The article consists of deducing how much a banker in Manhattan spends living there. The total cost was around $790,000. They claim, “It’s about fitting in”. These bankers don’t take the train because it doesn’t “suit” their lifestyle. I agree with this article as the only reason these people are willing to live like this is to fit in.

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