Justin Centeno Conv 1

Both Garry Meegan and Jesse Richardson define critical thinking in pretty unique ways. Garry Meegan views it like an art that requires you to use it for it to get better at it. It can also show others how one thinks and sees the world around them, influencing how others think and view the world. He also believes it needs to be held up to a higher standard. While Jesse Richardson sees it as more design-styled than art. Where we should try and have critical thinking and be more innovative to help solve issues. It also to help make in making new connections. I agree with both speakers, even though they see it in different ways they don’t tell you that you have to agree with them. That you’re allowed to show your views on everything. You have to open being wrong and having others disagree with you. Jesse says that we shouldn’t see thinking as an art, but I believe we should. I believe that seeing it as an art or passion makes it feel more like a passive skill that simply helps you when necessary and not something we have to always use. Even with that I still believe Jesse Richardson’s style of critical thinking is still correct.

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