Alex Castillo Convo 1

I agree strongly with Dr. Richard Paul’s view on critical thinking. He stated critical thinking was the “art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it”. This is precisely what I envisioned critical thinking to be. However, Dr. Paul’s way of articulating his thoughts allowed me to further understand what I know is critical thinking. In the video “What is Critical Thinking, a Definition” by Gary Meegan, he says critical thinking is like art, something that takes time and practice to be good at. Gary Meegan said later in the video, “Critical thinking involves taking apart thinking and looking at how that thinking is constructed”. I resonate well with this view on critical thinking. I feel this way because for me, critical thinking has multiple layers. These layers are what make critical thinking what it is because when one is thinking critically they are venturing beyond the surface of what they are thinking of. I agree with this Meegan’s view on critical thinking. I believe that critical thinking is something that can always be improved on. A great way to help improve critical thinking skills are to think with an open mind when tackling difficult problems. Whether these school problems, issues at work, or just day to day problems we encounter everyday. As long as they are recognized, analyzed and finally pursued.

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