Natacha Cortes


Both Jesse Richardson and Gary Meegan have their own views on critical thinking and although they are different views I seem to see both views and resonate with them. In my opinion the way Jesse Richardson speaks about critical thinking is that critical thinking is more of a way to decipher your everyday life. To him critical thinking allows us to question certain things conscientiously and omitting when we are wrong teaches us how to be more aware. Gary Meegan shares a different view: his view on critical thinking contains imagination and patterns that he feels allows up or helps us understand others' thinking and their actions. To Gary Meegan critical thinking is deciphering thinking and how it is all put together in the attempts to improve it. I agree with both speakers in some way, like Gary Meegan states critical thinking is a form of art which I do understand as well as the need to improve it. But when it comes to Jesse Richardson I resonate more with his view because when it comes to critical thinking there are flaws and understanding those flaws becomes a guide to self awareness. Without critical thinking how can you move cautiously in order to succeed or even survive in this everyday world? We will all just be oblivious.

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