Kalyn Boudinot – Conversation 1

Dr. Richard Paul stated that critical thinking is “The art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view of improving it.” After reviewing the first video explanation, Gary Meegan defined critical thinking as a form of art that uses imagination and patterns to help us understand how someone is thinking or their actions and how those affect the world around us. He believed CRT involves taking apart thinking and how it’s constructed, while analyzing and evaluating with a “view to improve it.” Jesse Richardson however, states critical thinking is less like art, and more of a design, he states critical thinking teaches us how to question things rigorously, and that it’s okay to be wrong. He believes becoming susceptible to being incorrect helps us become more self aware. I agree with both speakers’ statements, and believe critical thinking is important because without it, people would stay complicit and ignorant as they wouldn’t have the drive or imagination to question whether or not they are right or wrong. Critical thinking helps push someone’s ability to be less indomitable and more receptive.

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