Welcome to our class, CRT 100!

Welcome to CRT 100! This is an asynchronous and writing intensive class. While we won’t be meeting in class, I’d love for each and every one of you to visit me during my Let’s Chat/ Office Hours. Will you?

Is this your first time using the OpenLab for a course at BMCC? I’ve been teaching on this platform for a few years now, and enjoy it much more than Blackboard–and I think you will too. We’re in this together. This will be a journey filled with colorful discoveries. There might be some obstacles on the way, as there usually are in life, but I am certain that if we share what we know and are open to learn more, we will succeed. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to BMCC OpenLab (see instructions here). This is the first step to success in this class. Next, either accept my invitation to join this course or request membership to the course. Once you are a member of the OL and of this course, you will have full access to all course materials, and a part of our learning community. Welcome.