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Final Presentation

When you present your group projects, I would like to to have two main parts. Part 1: The Project Here you will do a screenshare of your project on Netlify and talk about the project. This is like your brief: Describe your project What were your goals? Who is the target audience and what are… Continue reading Final Presentation

Week 17: 12/20 Final

Final Projects are due today and will be presented in class. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: Groups Monday, December 20 at 7:30p–9:10p We will go over your final projects on Monday. I will give a little time to get things ready at the start and then we will do presentations. After that there… Continue reading Week 17: 12/20 Final

Credits and Copyright

When you use content that someone else made, you should give credit to the creator. This is true whether it’s an image, text or other media. Some content comes with specific copyright that REQUIRES you to give credit. One example is the Creative Commons Attribution license. This license requires that you attribute the original author… Continue reading Credits and Copyright

Git Cherry Pick

Cherry picking in git is a relatively advance way to bring in the code from a single commit into your current working branch. Why might you want to do this? Well, a good example in our class is that I forgot to add some code to the .eleventy.js file in the eleventy-basic repository template I… Continue reading Git Cherry Pick

Week 16: 12/13

This is the class class before finals. Wednesday is optional. Final projects will be due next week on Monday, December 20. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: Groups Monday, December 13 at 7:30p–9:10p We will do group work on Monday. I will talk about the final presentations a bit. I may show some things… Continue reading Week 16: 12/13

Showing Groups of Pages in 11ty

There are a few ways that you can generate lists of pages (posts) in 11ty. This post looks at how to based on tags, custom front-matter variables, and listing all of the files in a folder. You can follow along with this by using the collections-example repository. Click on the link for the repo:… Continue reading Showing Groups of Pages in 11ty

Git and GitHub

Basics Dan Schiffman’s Coding Train Git and GitHub Introduction Video. He does this all on GitHub and focuses on concepts over code. Git Workflow Miro Board This board is a visualization of how git works and the daily workflow. Branching When working on group projects you should use a branching workflow. Working with Branches… Continue reading Git and GitHub

Week 15: 12/6 + 12/8

Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: Git/GitHub and Groups Monday, December 6 at 7:30p–9:10p We will start with looking at Git and Branching and then have time to work on version 1 of your projects. Topics for Class Session Working with Branches miro Branch Example GitHub Template Git and GitHub post Final Weeks group… Continue reading Week 15: 12/6 + 12/8

Dynamic UI with jQuery

This is a step-by-step guide to completing the Dynamic UI with jQuery part of the Dynamic Project. It also covers Setup [0] Setup Create GitHub Repo from Template Go to the Github Template Click the green Use this Template button. Go through the steps to finish creating your version of the repository. Clone Repo to… Continue reading Dynamic UI with jQuery

jQuery Examples

These are some CodePens that show examples of ways to use jQuery. Simple jQuery Accordion This is a relatively simple example I made. Clicking a heading expands or contracts the content underneath it. Filter Buttons This example shows how to filter content with buttons.

Week 14: 11/29 + 12/1

Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: jQuery and Groups Monday, November 29 at 7:30p–9:10p We will start with more JavaScript and then give time for your Progress Reports. Progress Report is due today Topics for Class Session JavaScript Page jQuery Basics jQuery Accordion Pen jQuery Filter Buttons Pen Final Weeks Progress Report (on Miro)… Continue reading Week 14: 11/29 + 12/1

jQuery Basics

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript Library. Using a library allows you to quickly write code that is compatible across a range of browsers. It should be noted that recently browsers and JavaScript have evolved to make it possible to do a lot of the things jQuery is good at without jQuery. You may see… Continue reading jQuery Basics

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jQuery Setup

Loading jQuery Into a Page There are two ways to load jQuery: Download jQuery and put it in with your site’s JavaScript files. Load it from a CDN Loading from the CDN Most people choose to load it from a CDN. The jQuery CDN allows you to choose which version you want to use. Go… Continue reading jQuery Setup