Week 14: 11/29 + 12/1

Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: jQuery and Groups Monday, November 29 at 7:30p–9:10p We will start with more JavaScript and then give time for your Progress Reports. Progress Report is due today Topics for Class Session JavaScript Page jQuery Basics jQuery Accordion Pen jQuery Filter Buttons Pen Final Weeks Progress Report (on Miro)… Continue reading Week 14: 11/29 + 12/1

Week 13: 11/22 + 11/24

We will start some UI Interactivity small individual projects. Also Group time for Project Brief. In Class: EXPLORE The Join link is the same for all live sessions. There is a registration form and a waiting room to help avoid bombing. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: JavaScript, Interactivity and Groups Monday, November 22… Continue reading Week 13: 11/22 + 11/24