Miro Boards

Throughout the course we use Miro to provide visual explanations of the topics we’re covering. Below are links to the boards, grouped by topic

Web Design Process and Principles

Site Visualizations

Examples of site visualizations for the Project Brief

Web Project Files

Basic diagram of the files and folders. Includes links to HTML and CSS Starter Files.

Web + Design

Very general overview of web design.

screenshot of javascript concepts diagram

JavaScript Basics

Visualization of JavaScript concepts and how they’re related

Gestalt Layout Principles

In this miro we covered three of the principles and then you tried using them in a basic layout.

screenshot of group project board

Example Group Project Board

This is an example of the Miro boards you’re using to manage your groups.

Git and GitHub

Git Clone and Fork

Process to clone or forke

Git Daily Process

Working with git pull/commit/push process as you do your work each day.

Git Branches

Some of the basics of working with branches.


Eleventy Concepts

Process to clone or forke

Eleventy Basic Starter

Instructions on getting started with an 11ty project

Eleventy Build Process

Outline of the way 11ty builds the output files from the input files.

Eleventy Page Breakdown

This shows how you would move the parts of your HTML page to the right files in the 11ty input folder and the build process after that.

Convert HTML to 11ty

Basic Walkthrough of process from setting up Eleventy Repo through starting to add HTML content to markdown files.

Eleventy Collections

Explanation of Collections with some ways to use them.