Style Tiles

Style tiles were created by Samantha Warren. Style Tiles The purpose of these is to start to show the visual design elements are not in a wireframe without having to create a full-blown mockup of the site. This allows you to have a discussion about the design with teammates, clients etc, in a quick way… Continue reading Style Tiles

Week 13: 11/22 + 11/24

We will start some UI Interactivity small individual projects. Also Group time for Project Brief. In Class: EXPLORE The Join link is the same for all live sessions. There is a registration form and a waiting room to help avoid bombing. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1: JavaScript, Interactivity and Groups Monday, November 22… Continue reading Week 13: 11/22 + 11/24

Final Weeks

Timeline for the final weeks of the course Due Date Change A number of people could not make class on Wednesday 11/24 before Thanksgiving break so I’ve updated the due dates for some of the Progress Reports and the Project Brief.

Week 7: 10/13

This week we will finish the Responsive Site and get started on being ready for Eleventy. The Responsive site will be submitted on Thursday, October 14 There is no class on Monday, October 11 due to a holiday. Before Class: LEARN DO THIS: Work on your project. Roughly in this order wireframes complete create HTML… Continue reading Week 7: 10/13

Submitting the Responsive Site

Here is what you will need to do to submit your responsive site Publish the site with GitHub Pages View your published site in your browser. Copy the URL. It should be something like Go to Blackboard for our course Click on Assignments > Responsive Site Paste in your URL in the text area… Continue reading Submitting the Responsive Site

Media Queries

In order to have a fully responsive web page you need three things: Fluid Layout: the width of the layout is set in fluid units like percent or fr units. This allows the layout to expand and contract to fit the width of the browser window. Flexible Media: images, video etc can also adjust their width… Continue reading Media Queries