Week 17: 12/20 Final

Final Projects are due today and will be presented in class.

Live Sessions

Session 1: Groups

Monday, December 20 at 7:30p–9:10p

We will go over your final projects on Monday. I will give a little time to get things ready at the start and then we will do presentations. After that there is a group debrief form I will provide a link to in the Zoom session.

Topics for Class Session
  • Getting ready
  • Group Presentations
  • Group Debrief Form

Group Projects

This is not an official class session. However, I will open up the zoom and answer any questions you have and also allow for breakout rooms with groups if you need that.


After Class:

Work on turning in any missed personal work. Work on Group Projects. Get your group presentations ready. Final due on Monday.

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