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JavaScript allows us to make our pages interactive, animated, use data and more. We could make the entire course about JavaScript and still have not covered everything. So don’t worry about not understanding everything. In this course we will scratch the surface and look at JS in these areas:

  • CONCEPTS: Why use it, how and where is it used on the web, language basics.
  • USE: how to add it to a page, language syntax, using editor
  • PRACTICE: using it to do make some interactive page elements

Latest JavaScript Posts

  • Dynamic UI with jQuery
    This is a step-by-step guide to completing the Dynamic UI with jQuery part of the Dynamic Project. It also covers Setup [0] Setup Create GitHub Repo from Template Go to the Github Template Click the green Use this Template button. Go through the steps to finish creating your version of the repository. Clone Repo to… Continue reading Dynamic UI with jQuery
  • jQuery Examples
    These are some CodePens that show examples of ways to use jQuery. Simple jQuery Accordion This is a relatively simple example I made. Clicking a heading expands or contracts the content underneath it. Filter Buttons This example shows how to filter content with buttons.
  • jQuery Basics
    jQuery is the most popular JavaScript Library. Using a library allows you to quickly write code that is compatible across a range of browsers. It should be noted that recently browsers and JavaScript have evolved to make it possible to do a lot of the things jQuery is good at without jQuery. You may see… Continue reading jQuery Basics
  • jQuery Setup
    Loading jQuery Into a Page There are two ways to load jQuery: Download jQuery and put it in with your site’s JavaScript files. Load it from a CDN Loading from the CDN Most people choose to load it from a CDN. The jQuery CDN allows you to choose which version you want to use. Go… Continue reading jQuery Setup
  • Running JavaScript
    There are a number of different ways you can run JavaScript code. This post goes over a number of them. Some are better for simple tests and practice and some are what you would use in production (the final version of your web site). You can also look at Wes Boss’ Setup instructions and Running… Continue reading Running JavaScript


These JavaScript resources are grouped into areas. Some are direct links to resources while others are links to posts on this site.