All Assigned Work

This page lists all of the assigned work for the class. The percentages shown are the percentage of the final grade.

Fundamentals [15%]

Instead of using graded quizzes, your fundamentals grade will be based on your completing Kahoot challenges. You should be trying each challenge multiple times. This will give you the benefit of both Spaced Practice and Retrieval Practice. Both of these have been shown to improve your ability to remember and use concepts.

There will be 2-3 more Kahoots added before the end of the semester. This text will be updated when all Kahoots are present.

Take each challenge until you get 80% or more correct!


HTML Element Parts Fill-in
Game PIN: 003710894


CSS Basics
Game PIN: 007509854

CSS Media Queries
Game PIN: 005849302

CSS Grid
Game PIN: 009439137


JavaScript Basics
Game PIN: 007705993
note: I did not create this Kahoot.

Learning Journal [5%]

This is composed of the posts you’ve make on the site:

Participation [5%]

There is no specific assignment for this. It will be based on attendance in class and what you do in class.

Activities that count as active class participation include:

  • attending synchronous sessions
  • asking and answering questions during synchronous sessions
  • asking and answering questions on Discord
  • practicing on Kahoot!
  • attending office hours

Projects [75%]

Project Brief [10%]

Responsive Site [15%]

Eleventy Site [15%]

Dynamic Project [10%]

Final Project [25%]